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When you have children, you try your best to protect them from all the dangers of the world. However, you may sometimes forget that there are number of dangers lurking around your own house as well. Below is a checklist that helps you identify accident spots and helps you make simple one-time changes so as to keep your children out of harm’s way.

How should you use this checklist:
1) Start walking and visit every place in the home that your child will go to. Check the basements, the storage space, the yard, visit every room and check the living area, kitchen and hallway as well.

2) You have to consider every item in every room. Use a plus sign to indicate that the matter has been dealt with and a minus to indicate that it needs to be worked upon.

Checklist for Safety

1) All medications should be in their original containers and should have on child proof caps

2) Old prescription drugs should be discarded

3) Make sure that all household cleaners are kept away from food items and are out of reach of your child

4) Make sure that there are no poisonous plants at your child’s level

5) There may be drawers and cabinets, at levels that your toddler can reach, make sure that these do not have ant small swallow able, sharp, toxic or dangerous objects. Keep them clear of buttons, lighters, matches, pins, scissors, alcohol, medicines and razors

6) Inflammable liquids should be labeled, kept in non glass containers, should be tightly capped and kept away from heat out of your child’s reach

7) Paint, thinner and gasoline should be stored away from your house

8) Check each room for presence of poison, and the number for the poison control center should be noted next to the phone

9) Pilot lights should be present for water heaters and furnaces, make sure that there are no inflammable liquids in places where there are pilot lights

10) A smoke detector should be installed in the hall or near the bedrooms. Every level of the house should have at least one detector and this should be inspected every month

11) Make sure that your kitchen has a fire extinguisher that is inspected

12) Your chimney should be cleaned annually

13) Make sure that the drapes are away from heaters and fireplace

14) Make sure that the heater, fireplace and wood stove have a guard in front of them

15) Non skid mats or decals should be present in the shower or tub

16) Carpets and rugs should be tacked down

17) Check stairways and walkways to ensure there are not loose or broken

18) Porch stairs and railings should be fixed if they are wobbly

19) Safety gates should be installed at the top and bottom of the stairs if there are infants and toddlers around the house

20) Unplug electric appliances like hair dryer, razors and the radio when not being used in the bathroom

21) Check all the doors and windows and make sure that you have at least two exits from the house

22) Have window screens to prevent breaking in of intruders

23) Make sure that the booster seats and child seats are installed correctly

24) Power tools and store tools should be out of child’s reach

25) Firearms should be stored unloaded and in cabinets that are locked and the shells should be kept in another locked cabinet

26) Emergency numbers should be posted next to the phone

These are just a few safety tips that can help you keep your child safe. Do sure that you read the checklist thoroughly and find out more as to how you can make your home a safe haven for your child.

Your child’s health is very important to you, and you can do your bit by giving him a safe environment to live in and taking care of his health. You should speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to understand what foods can help him stay healthy. Homeopathy too us a great way to take care of your child’s mind and body.

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