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You may be wondering to yourself, but have never really made the effort to find out, what really is the difference between juicing and blending. Is one better than the other? You should know that both juices and smoothies are very important for good health. Juice and smoothies both have their own place in creating good health.

Let’s learn what the difference is.

Juicing is basically the process that is used to extract the water content and nutrients from the fruit or vegetable and getting rid of indigestible fibers. When the fiber goes missing, your digestives system will be better able to break down and absorb all nutrients. In fact, consuming juice makes sure that your body gets more nutrients as compared to when you eat fruits or vegetables whole.

Juice is indeed ideal for those who have a sensitive digestive system or some kind of illness that reduce your body’s ability to process the fiber. With juice, nutrients are directly transported in to the blood stream and have a more powerful effect.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are a definite part of every cleanse and detoxification program. They are highly rich in nutrients and help in restoring the body at the very cellular level.

What you must be wary about is, when you remove the fiber from the juice, you could get a spike of blood sugar, and these rapid spikes of blood sugar could cause memory problems, energy loss and mood swings. Fiber content can fill your stomach, and therefore if there is no fiber content, you could become hungry again quickly as well.

When you blend, the whole fruit or vegetable is used, keeping in place the rich fiber content. The process of blending though, breaks the fibers, and this process makes fruits and vegetables easier to digest. This ensures that are steady stream of nutrients is passed in to the blood stream, and there are no spikes in blood sugar levels.

Smoothies are not only filling but are also much faster to make, so simply make them when you wake up in the morning, before you get set for a day at work.

Get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to find out, which fruits and vegetables can allow you to get the best health. A homeopath will show you herbal remedies that can make a great difference to your health as well.

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