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This disease is a children’s condition that in some cases can also affect the coronary arteries and heart. In most cases it leads to weakening the walls of the coronary artery and they balloon out and cause and aneurysm. Blood clots could also sometimes form in the areas that are weakened, they lead to blocking the coronary artery and this could cause arrhythmias or also cause the heart valves to function abnormally. In some cases the problem caused by Kawasaki disease could be permanent, but in most cases, heart problems associated with these disease disappear after five to six weeks without any damage.

Who can get Kawasaki Disease?
The condition is common only in children under the age of five. The same rarely affects children who are above eight. The disease is not genetic and often only one child in the family will suffer form it. Boys are more likely to develop it and it is more common in children of Asian descent, however it can happen to anyone.

Researchers and doctors are unable to pin down the reason for Kawasaki disease. While it is not genetic and contagious, many think that a virus could cause it.

The symptoms of Kawasaki disease include: swollen hand and feet, rash, fever, redness and irritation in the white portion of the eyes, swelling of the lymph glands in the neck and much irritation in the throat, mouth and lips.

Your doctor would request for a thorough physical examination to diagnose the disease.

With appropriate treatment children can be cured and lead a healthy life. However, it is important that a healthy diet in consultation with a doctor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist is followed to stay fit. Homeopathy is an alternate route of medicine that can also provide great solutions to keep the heart healthy.


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