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Between running to take your kids to rehearsals or soccer practice, or meeting deadlines, and making sure our family has a healthy meal on the table, you hardly have any time to look after your own health. Taking care of your nails and your hair will not only keep them healthy but will also make you feel good. No one has time, you have to make time. Forget about going to the salon for a hair or nail spa, you can easily use every day products to give yourself a makeover and also keep your nails and hair looking healthy.

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to clean your hair with mouthwash because it stinks, in fact, mouthwash happens to be an excellent cure for dandruff. To make a concoction that helps fight dandruff, take one portion of mouthwash with nine portions of water. After you have shampooed your hair, apply the mix to your scalp. Keep the mix on, your hair wont smell, it wont be sticky and your dandruff will indeed improve. If you are worried about going out with mouthwash in your hair, simply do it on a day when you have no plans. Preferably look for a mouthwash that has antiseptic and active ingredients.

Mint Rinse
The mouthwash remedy does work, however, if you did not want your hair to smell like mouthwash all day, you can try another alternative. Take some peppermint leaves, mash them well and immerse them into vodka. Let it lie like that for about a day. Strain the mix and then add about a one fourth teas spoon of water. Mix till you get a cloudy paste. Apply the paste to your scalp after a good shampooing and leave it on. You do not want to step out smelling like a drunk, so choose a day that ensures you are indoors.

Vitamin B
If you are looking for nails that are as strong as horse’s hoofs, then Vitamin B is the solution for you. The Vitamin B, Biotin is known to be great for strengthening horse’s hoofs. The hoofs are made from a substance known as keratin that is the same substance that makes up our fingernails. Make this vitamin a part of your diet if you wish to get rid of brittle nails and thicken them.

Quick-Dry Nail Polish
Since you are always in a hurry, you may spend some money on quick dry polishes so that you could get going in a jiffy. However, these are harmful to your nails as the content of formaldehyde and alcohol in them is way more than in regular polishes. These tend to split your nails by drying them up. This tip will serve you well, instead of using quick dry polish, just fast dry your nails, and you can do this by freezing them. Yes, it really works. Simply take a bowl and fill it with ice. Next, fill the bowl with cold water and dip your nails into the ice-cold water one after another for a quick and effective dry.

Looking good often takes a back seat because life takes its place. However, a few simple ideas can help you look great and you must indeed exploit everyday things around the home to make your hair and your nails, elements that enhance your beauty stay healthy. You could also speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about diets, supplements and foods that can help you with maintaining good health for hair and nails. Homeopathy too will help you with natural remedies for good hair and nail growth.



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