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In a study published online in January 2008 and in the journal Pediatrics in April 2008, the CDC reports that 7000 children receive emergency room treatment annually because of misuse or allergic reaction to over-the-counter and prescription cough and cold medicines. Earlier in January, the CDC issued an advisory against using these medicines at all in children under 2, charging that they are too dangerous for babies and toddlers; meanwhile there is pressure on the CDC to extend the ban to children under 6, because evidence of their efficacy for this population is lacking. Reporting that homeopathy is one alternative, Drug Store News quotes Dr. Timothy Fior, vice president of the Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association: “’Homeopathy is very conducive to self-care,’ he said, noting that there aren’t the same overdosing safety concerns with homeopathic remedies as there potentially are with synthetic medicines.” The same article notes that “in November of last year, one month following the FDA meeting on kids cough-cold products, Oprah-guest Cindy Crawford revealed that she cannot leave home without her homeopathic first-aid kit or her homeopathic bible when traveling with her kids.”

—Report compiled from: Lab Business Week,
February 10, 2008; Drug Store News, March 3, 2008; CBSnews.com, January 28, 2008

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