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An 8-year observational study of 3709 homeopathy patients who sought treatment at 103 different homeopathic practices in Germany and Switzerland has found that many patients reported improvement in long-term chronic problems such as allergies, headaches, and sleep problems. The researchers questioned patients on the change in severity of their symptoms and their overall quality of life. On average, the study found that patients reported significant improvements in their symptoms over time. Nearly half said their symptom severity had declined by at least 50 percent.

At the end of 8 years, roughly one-third of patients were still undergoing homeopathic treatment, a bit less than a third had stopped because their health had improved, and a similar proportion had stopped because they felt their treatment was not working. Researchers concluded that patients who seek homeopathic treatment are likely to improve considerably. These effects persist for as long as 8 years.

—BMC Public Health, December 17, 2008, “How healthy
are chronically ill patients after eight years of homeopathic treatment?—Results from a long term observational study”
by CM Witt, R Lüdtke, N Mengler, and SN Willich.
And: Reuters Health, January 6, 2009,
“Homeopathy patients often say health improved.”

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