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When we live in spaces that lift our spirits, we are bound to live happier and healthier lives. Fresh cut flowers, with their beautiful fragrance and vibrant colors are known to make any space beautiful and in fact they have a great calming effect on one’s mind as well.

Bring home some flowers every day will do you good. It will not only liven up the environment that you live in, but will also liven up your spirit and make you feel great. The budget should not be an issue, because you can find a whole range of flowers, and pick those that suit you best in terms of budget and style..

A few guidelines can help you make your home flower friendly, and a space that you would love to spend time in and entertain guests in as well.

Flowers should usually be placed in common areas of a home such as the kitchen, family room or dining room. Pick any good looking glass from the kitchen and place just a few flowers in there.

If you are wondering which the best place in your home is to place flowers, then that will have to be the kitchen, because that’s where everyone gathers to have their daily meals.

Another great place to keep beautiful flowers in a great setting are at the foyer. Make sure you change these weekly, and pick flowers accordingly. This will be the first space you see when you enter your home and hang your keys and will be the last place you see when you exit your home after taking your keys, and it will simply make you smile.

If you have a large home, and some great open spaces, splurge on a fine selection of lilies, hydrangea, gladiolus or any large bloom flowers in the dining room or at the large entrance of your home. Flowers are very inviting, and it will make your guests feel very welcome.

The bathroom too gets a bright note to it when you decide to place flowers there. Make sure you do not leave the guest room unattended. Pick a bowl of some potpourri and place a nice arranged of beautiful smelling flowers in bowl in there.

There are indeed a great number of aspects that you can consider when you start using flowers to decorate your home. For instance, you can pick a flower arrangements based on the color combination of your home. You could choose to go monochromatic (a single palate of colors, for instance just a range of pink colored flowers) or monobtanic (just one type of flower)

The vessel you place your flowers in can make all the difference. You could try a variety of different settings for different parts of the home to get a variety of appeals in different parts of your home. For instance, you could take a number of vases and place them together, but do not fill them up with flowers, instead, use single stemmed flowers and place them in each of them. Go ahead an experiment with champagne glasses, old chinaware and other items that would be perfect to hold your flowers.

If you are the kind of person, who would like to lend a rustic charm to your home, try some old water pitcher, classic urns, antique teapots and even clay pots to arrange beautiful flowers in.

Depending on the mood you are in, you could also choose the right colors to create the perfect ambience. For instance, red and oranges work towards inspiring an energetic environment, peaches and yellows are nurturing, while lavenders and pinks are romantic.

When this hobby turns into a habit you will realize, that it will help you lift your spirits everyday. You can indeed find a great range of beautiful flowers at your local supermarket or florist. So work towards developing a great relationship with your flower vendor so that you can get the first pick of the finest lot that comes in.

Speak to your health practitioner and they too will tell you about the many benefits that flowers have on health. Your consultant at the local homeopathic center too will affirm the benefits of these vibrant blooms.


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