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I had Lichen Planus which took many months to develop and it is also very difficult to treat since there is no cure for it in modern medicine. I had tried many different doctors treatments (Conventional Doctors, Specialist, Naturopaths) and nothing was a success; it kept getting worse and then I read on the internet that the cure was only in Homeopathy. I went to a Homeopathy who within 10 minutes dismissed me and gave me some medicine to take daily 3 times a day for 1 week and then told me to return. I spent $35 per visit thinking this is economical. However I spent 3 months and did not get any real relief. I was discouraged and lost total hope until 3 month’s later when I spoke about my experience at a family gathering. There a friend explained to me that I should try Homeopathic treatment with Dr. Suri at The Homeopathic Plus Centre as his whole family had been successfully treated by them and that I will have success and his approach is different.. I was initially skeptical and hesitant as the cost with Dr. Suri was going to be initially higher but I was really looking for help. After my first meeting I was really pleased as Mr. Suri spent a great deal of time (about 2 hr’s) in understand my case and answered all my questions. I was told to return after 1 week to receive my medicine. After I return I was given my Constitutional Remedy and told to report back as often as I would like. I began taking the homeopathic medicine that was associated with my Constitution and slowly the lichen planus disappeared and now there is no sign of it. All I can say is that at HPC they were there for me. They guide me on my diet, gave me advice on how to deal with daily issues and gave me access to them whenever I needed. Last of all I spent 40% less with them with results, God Bless them.


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