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Smoking is a vice, it is a disgusting habit, and the faster you kick the habit, the better are your chances for a longer and healthier life. However, if you do not smoke, but are worried about living healthy for what life that is left ahead for you, below listed are some great tricks that can in fact help you add healthy years to your life.

Say Yes to Wine

Wine lovers should indeed be happy, as it is known that one glass per day of wine helps reduce the risk of heart disease by nearly 40%. Red Wine from certain regions are known to have procyanidins (these are antioxidants that help improve the function of blood vessels). Try and look for red wine from regions where the grapes are allowed to ferment for longer.

Ahoy Soy!
Women who include soy in the diet are working towards cutting the risk of breast cancer by 50%. However, processed soy is not the answer and therefore natural staples should be relied on such as miso, soy milk, tofu and edamame.

Don’t Stress
Stress is a silent killer and if you have been inviting and indulging in stressing your heart out, you should know that it causes high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and so many other things that you would like to stay away from. Stress however, can be managed; you just have to be willing to try. Most people consider personal finance as a number one stressor, and often they are helpless because they feel that life is not going to lead them to success in this direction. However, one has to learn how to deal with these situation for example, if financial security is stressing you out, work out a savings plan and stick to it.

If you indeed wish to live longer, you have to start working out. Sweat a little, flex those muscles and get the adrenalin pumping. Working out can lower the risk of breast cancer by 37% and lower the risk of heart disease by 14%. Combining both cardio and weight training can help burn fat, keep heart disease and bay and accelerate metabolism.

Manage your Weight
Managing your weight does not only ensure that you look good but it also helps you remain healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you fight diabetes and heart attacks too. Be careful about what you eat, avoid trans fats, and maintain a balanced diet to stay healthy.

If you wish to add years to your life, you have to make adjustments to your lifestyle. Do not take life for granted and abuse your body. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods would do good to your system, and depending on your body type and lifestyle, they would recommend foods that suit you best. Alternate routes like Homeopathy too can help you find solutions that will help make your body and mind strong for a healthy and long life.

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