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We are all aware of the very old and famous adage that health is indeed wealth. However, today, due to a number of reasons, especially by not understanding the importance of protecting one’s health, we give in to habits that become very difficult to break.

From erratic eating habits, to smoking, drinking and chugging away cups of coffee through the day, not only are we damaging our bodies internally, but we are becoming more susceptible to weight gain as well.

Sedentary lifestyles too contribute to weight gain and if one wants to indeed make an effort to lose weight, one should take care of their diet and follow a plan that allows for the intake of essential nutrition, without the excess baggage of weight gain.

Below discussed is a plan for a daily diet that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight and stay active.

When you wake up
Wake up every morning and give in to a glass of luke warm water made healthy with honey and a squeeze of one lime. This makes way for detoxification, and rids your body of the harmful acids that are being produced.

Breakfast should be a combination of any of the following options:

1) Two egg white omelets served with two brown bread slices.
2) Wheat Bran or Oats or Corn Flakes served with skimmed milk.
3) Sprouts or Food Salad
4) Cottage Cheese made from skimmed milk with Brown Bread

Before Lunch
While some believe that Black Coffee is a definite no-no, it is known to stimulate metabolism to facilitate weight loss.

Your ideal weight loss lunch should consist of:

1) Roasted or boiled chicken, vegetarians can prepare some soyabean nuggets (about 200 gms)
Half a plate of brown rice and one chapatti.
2) Salad, Boiled Lentils, half a plate of brown rice and depending on your appetite you can have up to two chapattis.

Choose to add some probiotic curd to your meal as it will facilitate digestion.

The evening may make you feel really hungry, so use some citrusy fruits at this time to make you feel less annoyed. You could also choose to have a cup of green tea with two of your favorite tea time biscuits.

Choose any one or two items from the options mentioned below:

1) Boiled soya bean nuggets with soup and favorite salad.

2) Three Boiled Egg Whites served with the best vegetable clear soup.

3) Tuna or Chicken Salad.

4) Boiled Lentils

Before you go to bed
Have a glassful of skimmed milk before you go to sleep.

There are a few things that you should remember as well, to maintain a healthy weight and they are listed below:

1. Avoid heavy dinners as much as you can, and always ensure that you have a gap of at least three or four hours before you hit the sack.

2. Try and avoid cold drinks, in fact make choices that are healthy and choose to drink coconut water, buttermilk or water.

3. Your body needs at least 2 – 3 litres of water on a daily basis.

4. Make sure your diet contains loads of fibre, as it is an exceptional way to lose weight. Make sure your diet is rich in raw fruits and vegetables.

5. Not all carbs should be avoided. Try and avoid carbs in the form of sugar, processed food and in sweet foods.

6. Don’t skip your meals.

7. Try and stay away from bakery products.

8. Choose healthier dishes – for instance avoid the greasy chicken burger and choose for the Brown bread chicken salami sandwich.

9. Try and avoid drinking water when you eat.

Following these tips can indeed help you lose weight quickly, while keeping a check on your health. It is important that you speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before you plan a diet for yourself. You should consider speaking with a Homeopath to learn about some great alternate treatments for weight loss as well.


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  1. You can choose for various healthy ways on how to lose weight effectively. Individuals should have proper planning when it comes to losing weight. This can be achieved through lifestyle and diet modification as well.

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