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If your doctor has been warning you about high blood pressure levels, there is indeed a lot that you need to do to keep it in check. Yes, he will provide you with medication that will help regulate your blood cholesterol levels, but it doesn’t stop there, you have to make lifestyle changes that will affect you in the positive manner.

High blood cholesterol levels can have a huge impact on your heart and therefore, you need to be extremely careful. Below given are some ideas that you can use to reducing and keeping your cholesterol levels regulated. However, it is important that you clear these changes with your health practitioner for the best results.

Power Walks
Hypertensive patients can indeed benefit tremendously from physical exercise. When we exercise, the heart is more efficient in using oxygen and therefore does not need too much energy to pump blood. Get your dose of at least 30 minutes of Cardio on as many days as you can through the week.

Take Some Time to Breathe
Meditative practices can indeed do you great good. Slow breathing should be practiced so that stress hormones can be relieved. Stress can spike an increase in blood pressure and yoga helps elevate stress and therefore, you can work towards achieving a more temperamental mindset.

Foods that are rich in potassium are great for reducing ones blood pressure levels. Stack up on some sweet potatoes, orange juice, kidney beans, peas, dried fruits such as raisins and prunes and many more.

Consume salt in moderation
A few blood pressure patients can be a little extra sensitive towards salt or sodium. Therefore, it is important that patients not only pay attention but also keep an eye out for sodium-processed foods that can indeed have an ill effect on one’s blood pressure.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate of the dark variety is good for you. Indulge in some pleasurable goodness and work on lowering your blood cholesterol as well.

Drink Alcohol in Moderation
High levels of alcohol will not do good to your system. However, drinking alcohol in moderation can do good to your heart.

Relax your mind, get plenty physical exercise and be good to your heart and your blood cholesterol levels. You could fight a heart attack well armed when you are prepared. Keep an eye out for the signs, but stay healthy.

You can speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods will do you great good. In fact, speaking with a Homeopath too can help you find a great number of natural remedies that can help keep your heart strong and healthy.



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