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If you are looking for ways to lose weight, and you have decided that you are going to do it in a disciplined manner with some diet and exercise, then you need to indeed read up on the tips below to learn how you can help boost your metabolism to achieved desired weight loss results.

Protein has a high thermic effect, which basically means that when you digest it, your body is able to burn more calories. Including a lean protein source in every single meal is a good idea. Eating five to may be six meals a day and ensuring that you have include lean sources of protein in all of them, will surely work towards revving up your metabolism. Include cheese, chicken, beans and fish and you will feel a thrust of energy all day long.

Try and stay as away as you can from calorie-laden beverages, avoid sodas and alcohol. They not only make you feel tired and bloated, but they also tend to have an adverse affect on your metabolism and slow you down. EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate is an ingredient found in brewed green tea that is known to speed up one’s metabolism. Try and have at least three cups of freshly brewed green tea in a day to increase your metabolism by up to 10%.

If you are intimidated by gym machines, get very it. Hitting the gym and using fitness machines to get the adrenalin pumping is a great idea. It not only helps you build lean muscles but also helps you rev up your metabolism. Following a disciplined exercise program can really work towards shaping your life considerably.

Every time you visit the supermarket, make sure that you get some wild pacific salmon back with you. Salmon is a great resource of Omega-3 fatty acids and is full of protein. Omega 3 fatty acids help in making your metabolism more efficient, and this leads to slowing digestion, which in turn leads to less cravings.

If you are cooking in oil, let it be Ghee or Coconut Oil, which is a healthy fat. This oil plays an important role in turning on your metabolism and allows your body to burn more fat.

Detoxing your body often is a great idea as it helps remove toxins from your body and also helps speed up metabolism; this process helps improve one’s overall health. Drink a lot of water, have green tea, stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid fried and other unhealthy foods. However, do not take on extreme detox diets that will harm your system.

Water with a squeeze of lemon when you wake up in the morning is indeed a good ideas as digestive enzymes in the lemon get your digestive system moving so that all the foods you eat can be easily digested through the day.

Water by itself is absolutely essential as well, because when your body is dehydrated it tends to get sluggish and you tend to feel hungrier as well.

There you have it, a few great ideas as to how you can maintain your ideal weight by keeping your metabolism at top speed. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist will be able to advise you upon what foods you should eat and what you should avoid so that you can keep your weight loss goals on track. Try and visit a Homeopathic Center as well to learn how this alternate route can help you rev up your system.


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