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Thanksgiving is that time of the year, when people who are overly conscious about their health have to let go and give in to indulgence, because family members from across the country have come down for some delicious delights and they do not mind letting go of their health for just a couple of days.

However, what one must know is that there is one ingredient that can do much harm, and if you though that MSG was a food additive that was only found in Chinese food, you are mistaken, as Thanksgiving meals are loaded with it.

Weight Gain
MSG is known to be linked with obesity. While it may not be the only cause for obesity, it is definitely one of the main reasons for it around that time of the year.

Risky for Small Children
Children are more susceptible to the harmful effects of MSG as compared to adults. The sad thing is that infant formulas are known to contain MSG and therefore, people should be more careful before they pick up foods for their kids at supermarkets.

MSG Content on Self-Basting Turkeys
Free range varieties that are organic in nature and free of chemicals should be chosen over self-basting turkeys for thanksgiving as they are high on MSG content.

MSG Content in packaged gravies
Take a day of to prepare a lovely thanksgiving meal that is delicious and healthy over choosing to buy packaged gravies. These are known to have high content of MSG that is not the best option for health.

MSG Content in Sausage and Stuffing
A thanksgiving turkey is incomplete without stuffing, and you cannot avoid that on Thanksgiving, so instead of buying stuffing and supermarket croutons, choose to pick croutons that are home made for a lovely stuffing instead.

MSG content in Green Bean Casseroles
Soups of the canned variety contain MSG and therefore, try and make your soup from scratch. If you are efficient in the kitchen, it is not going to take you too much time.

The best thanksgiving meal is indeed one that is made from scratch. It’s healthy; it’s delicious and spending hours in the kitchen preparing food for your loved ones will indeed make the meal more exciting. So, choose self made versions over the packaged variety and work towards celebrating and MSG free Thanksgiving.

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