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Functions and uses
1. Involved with dozens of different enzymes that facilitate processes throughout the body, including protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism.

2. Required for normal growth and development, and the repair of bones and connective tissues. Very important for premenopausal women as it help to maintain bone density in them.

3. Needed for the proper functioning of the n


4. Stimulates antibodies and cell that protect the body from bacteria and foreign invaders. It is a component of the enzyme Superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful free radical scavenger.

5. Play a role in glucose tolerance.

Nuts and seeds (hazelnuts and pecans), avocados, seaweed, and whole grain such as oatmeal, buckwheat, and whole wheat. Other fruits and vegetables contain a moderate amount of manganese.

I recommend Manganese gluconate as it is gentler to the digestive tract.

Toxicity of Manganese is low.

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