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It may happen once a week or once every few months, but when that nasty headache strikes, all you want to do is tune out every sound around you, close your eyes and wait in anticipation till it disappears. Headaches can indeed drain the very life out of you and learning how to prevent them can indeed help you in the long run. While avoiding hangovers and drinking lots of liquids to stay hydrated is a good idea, there are many other ways of preventing headaches as well. 

Pick What You Eat
Pain triggers can come disguised in foods that are pickled, smoked or aged like cheese and salami. These may contain sulfites that lead to dilating blood vessels, which in turn lead to causing headaches. In stead, eat a plate of fresh fruits when you feel the urge to munch.

Everyone loves to hate Mondays, and if experience a headache on a Monday, it is not Monday that is causing the headache, but what you did over the weekend. When you are in weekend mode and sleep in your schedule will get interrupted, this means that your morning cup of coffee too will receive a beating. Withdrawal headaches can easily be avoided by sticking to a strict schedule every day.

When you are inching close to a deadline and you know you are not going to make it, or when you are having an argument with your loved one, just take a few moments out to breathe deeply. When you are anxious and stressed, your breaths are shorter and this means less oxygen, which means that your blood vessels will get tighter and give way to a headache, which could have easily been prevented, by simply stepping back and breathing deeply. Try and breathe in a steady manner to avoid pain.

Log Off
Staring at your computer all day can put a strain on your eyes, which can cause you a headache. Flashing images, moving from one website to another tend to over activate the nerves in your eyes and the retina, causing a headache. Take a ten-minute break every hour to prevent headaches.


A lot of people are allergic to certain scents, which leads to them developing a headache. It is important that people are aware of what these triggers are so that they can make a conscious effort to avoid these scents and therefore headaches. A few smells that are often the main culprits include: tobacco, perfume and gasoline. You could carry around some all natural fragrance that you are not allergic to, when you are at the pump to stave headaches.

Don’t Pull
You have probably noticed this yourself, that when you keep your hair down, you will not experience headaches as often. Some women wear their hair too tight, and this tends to pull at the scalp. While it looks cute, you can be sure that you will experience a headache, sooner rather than later.

Wear your Sunglasses
While a bright sunny day is beautiful, sunshine can affect your brain’s thalamus, which would send signals of pain all through your body. Make sure you have your shades handy when you step out in the sun.

Herbs will never fail you. 200mg of active magnesium can help reduce spasms and muscle tension. If you tend to get headaches during that time of the month, be sure to take a dose of magnesium so that your body can fight the angst. Rosemary can help with preventing headaches as it eases blood vessels.

If your headaches are indeed driving you up the wall and affecting your way of life, it is important that you seek help. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist will be able to advise you on what foods you need to eat and the kind of diet you need to maintain depending on your health and lifestyle so that you can lead a healthy life.

Homeopathy too has a host of answers to questions you may have about the headaches that you have and for overall good health. Find time to consult a homeopath for day to day health problems and you should be able to lead a healthy life.


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