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We’ve all had those days, when getting out of bed and staying out of bed seems like the hardest thing to do. Often dragging yourself from your doorstep to the car and to and back from the office can seem like an uphill task as well. But, sometimes you have a spring in your step, but as the evening comes, your spring turns into a pull that gravitates you homewards, where you just want to take a dinner plate in your hands, watch some TV and literally crash. You have no energy to do absolutely anything, and this can reflect on your relationships, if you do not take the right steps today.

Most of us will glug one cup of coffee after another to wake ourselves from a slumber that seems to last all day, and we will keep doing that all day with the hope to gain energy boosts. However, coffee is not the best solution when you are looking for more energy vs. better energy. Spikes of more energy at odd times through the day can lead to a burn out, you need to work towards building better energy that helps you take on challenges head on without feeling the pinch of a long day.

A few things that you can pay attention to while striving towards building energy that lasts through the day and helps you maintain your levels of efficiency are discussed below.

How and what we eat plays a very important role in maintaining levels of energy through the day. Speaking with a registered nutritionist will help you learn what your body needs depending on your lifestyle to keep your body up and running all day without feeling tired by the time the clock hits two.

Portion Control
Pay attention to the quantity of food you eat and put together a meal with care. Measuring the amount of proteins, carbs and fats you put together can help you organize an energizing meal. However, results will take time to surface and you have to make this pattern a part of your lifestyle.

Your fists represent the amount of carbs on your plate, your palm, no fingers should be an indication for the quantity of protein rich food and your thumb should be a measure of fats (this does not include nuts, which you can consume up to a handful). Veggies have no limit, you can go wild when it comes to those wholesome greens.

Eat Good Produce
When putting together a diet that builds your energy levels you need to focus on quality, which means that you should ideally try and stay away from artificial foods, refined carbs, sugars, oil which is partially hydrogenated, high fructose corn syrup and instead switch to foods that are organic. 

A Balanced Diet
If you want to maintain the best levels of energy through the day, make sure that you are consuming all food groups. When you skip one of two essential groups, in the long run it may lead to food storage and eventual loss of energy. A wholesome and healthy diet consists of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and lots of vegetables. 

How Often Do You Eat?
Treat your body like a race car and not an ordinary street car. Therefore, it needs to be fueled more often. You need to identify pit stops in the day, where you can just stop and refuel to boost energy. Try and snack light but eat healthy.

When you consume a balanced diet and follow a disciplined approach to how you eat, you will notice a change in energy levels. These tips should be inculcated in individuals from early on in their lives so that the option of burning out at a young age does not exist.

A good understanding of holistic nutrition is important so that you can take care of your health and lead a long and energy driven lifestyle.


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