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My name is Kabilan Anura and I’m thirteen years old. I was suffering from asthma since I was a year old. I went to hospital numerous times for my asthma and had to stay there over night for three days four to five times. I was given a mask to use to control my asthma attack and I got needles shoved up my arms and they never helped. The puffers I used never help either.

One day my dad’s co-worker recommended us to go to the Homeopathic plus centre. I started going to Dr. Suri and Dr. Hermeet in 2008. I’ve been going there for only a year, yet I feel like my asthma is completely gone. I had a problem with constipation, nail biting and dieting, as well, but they gave me amazing advice and medications that worked.

Both Dr. Suri and Dr. Hermeet have helped me at late nights around 10 at night or even early morning. Unlike other doctors they call you in whenever you feel is important. They also very reasonable with the price, if you came in twice in the same week they give you a very reasonable price. They don’t charge you for phone calls either. They don’t treat you like a patient, but they treat you like a friend. I feel that when they’re giving a treatment it motivates me to become a doctor as well. That’s why I recommend you to go to Dr. Suri and Dr. Hermeet.

Kabilan Anura

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