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With the rising popularity of sugar based energy drinks, we tend to forget that we can get the same energy boost from natural and healthier options. Don’t sacrifice a quick energy boost for long-term negative health effects. Instead of reaching for a canned energy drink, choose to increase your energy levels with these delicious and natural concoctions that help you stay alert and feel good, without any negative effects or energy crashes!

Matcha Green Tea

This variation of green tea is made from green tea leaves that are known to contain L-Theanine as well as a very small quantity of naturally occurring caffeine, which is much less than coffee – both of which are known to give lots of energy. This helps you invigorate your metabolism, without experiencing any slumps in energy.

Coco-Hydro Smoothie
Both coconut water and bananas are known to contain high levels of potassium, that can help regulate as well as maintain healthy cells and also boost natural energy production. Mix these with your favorite fruits and some healthy yogurt and treat yourself to a super smoothie.

Brewed to perfection
A beautiful spice brew can help you stay energetic. Simply simmer two cups of water with some ginger, turmeric, honey and ground cardamom for a fabulous boost of energy.

Go Green
Green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which helps oxygenate the blood and this blood helps increase the levels of energy in your body and also makes your brain sharp.

Shake it up with Protein
A combination of proteins, healthy fats as well as slow releasing sugars help give you sustained energy release, which can help you last the day.

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