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Oh that packet of potato chips, you look at it, you salivate, you slowly go towards it, hoping that a rip, and a tear and just one chip will suffice, but it does not end there. You end up finishing the packet, in fact turn it upside down a couple of times hoping that a few more may fall out, but in vain, you have to find satisfaction in knowing that a cold glass of cola awaits you after the sinful snack.

What you must know is that if you wish to keep your weight loss goals in check, you have to be able to resist a few tasty treats or may be just consume them in moderation.

It’s all in the mind, and if you condition your mind to find satisfaction in small portions, you will indeed learn how to be satisfied mentally and even not put on those extra pounds that you have spent so much time losing.

A few tricks that can help you shut that box of chocolates, put that bag of chips down and are satisfied with smaller portions are listed below:

White Plate
Serve food on a white plate. Colors on a white plate seem more vibrant and therefore tend to be more satisfying and even a small portion will do the trick of letting the brain believe that you are full.

Progressive Relaxation
People eat when they are anxious. So, the next time you are heading for a bag of chips when you are stressed, start by breathing slowing and focusing on one area of your body. Start with your feet and work towards relaxing all the parts of your body including your tongue and eyes. When you work towards reducing stress, the hormone cortisol will fall and so will your hunger.

Follow eating etiquette
When you eat, follow some rules. For instance, do not talk with your mouth full and do not do many things while you dine. Try and prolong your meals, have conversations with people you dine with. In fact, put your fork and spoon down once in a while. If you are eating alone, try and focus on each and every bite, appreciate it and do not watch TV while you eat.

When you follow these simple tips, you can be sure that you will indeed stop when you feel like it. You could also choose to consult with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods can help you feel satisfied without putting on excess weight, at the same time you can enjoy them too. You can also get in touch with a homeopath so that you can learn about a few natural remedies that can help you with your weight loss goals by feeling satiated faster.




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