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When you were young, your parents advised you on the importance of taking care of your teeth. In fact, they even tried and inculcate the habit of brushing twice a day so that you can stay healthy and have a set of pearly white teeth, as you grow older. However, with time, we tend to forget these learning’s, and do not realize that the health of our teeth, oral hygiene in general can affect our overall health as well.

Good teeth and good oral hygiene can help you stay protected against a host of health problems. Below discussed are a few health problems that can be directly linked to following

Stroke and Heart Disease
It is known that bacteria that collects in one’s mouth and gums often tends to make its way into the blood stream and thickens it, which in turn increases one’s risk of having a heart attack. Fatty plaque that collects inside the vessels could also break off and make its way to the brain leading to a stroke.

People who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease. However, there seems to be a connection that works the other way as well. People who work towards preventing gum infections, are at a lower risk of contracting diabetes. Oral infections that are serious could also lead to inflammations of a low grade through out one’s body, and this could destroy the body’s ability to process sugars.

Respiratory Infections
Following good oral hygiene could also keep your respiratory system strong and healthy. You are more likely to contract illnesses like acute bronchitis, pneumonia and upper respiratory infection if you have poor periodontal health. Bacteria are formed in the upper throat when one has periodontal infections. These bacteria can be inhaled in to the lower respiratory tract and can lead to an obstruction in breathing, giving way to very serious lung related problems.

These are just a few health problems that can be caused when you do not pay attention to oral hygiene. Seek support from Homeopath to learn how you can pay attention to oral hygiene and keep major illnesses at bay. Visit a Homeopathic Clinic and learn of some amazing natural remedies that can help you stay healthy. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist too, can give you great advice on how you can follow the right diet to stay healthy.

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