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When our PH deviates too far in either direction, cell become poison by their own toxic waste and die. An imbalance PH can cause serious health problems and can lead to progression of most degenerative disease including cardio vascular diseases, cancer and diabetes and as well as the never ending frustration of excessive systemic weight gain.

7 Reasons why a balanced PH is central for the body

Proper fat metabolism, weight control and health insulin production.
Proper Calcium utilization to lessen the probability of Osteoporoses and Osteoarthritis.
Appropriate cholesterol levels so plaque does not form.
Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment.
Proper electrolytes activity, efficient heart function.
Smooth blood flow through arteries, veins and heart issues.
Healthy oxygen flow to tissues to flush toxins & to protect against premature aging.
What causes our body to become imbalance?

The first is our diet. If you eat pasta, chocolates, beef, chicken, bread, egg or rice or drink coffee, tea or wine you are at a risk for an acidic PH. Even water has become a culprit. Natural water is perfectly balanced. Ten of the recently tested bottle waters were acidic. How you may ask? Well in our effort to purify water we take out many of the elements that act like alkalizing agents. Water molecules seeking balance, so they will leek minerals from the body to establish that PH balance.
The other reason for this dangerous problem is stress and the air we breathe. The net result is our body is in a desperate fight to balance PH and the enemy s well armed. So the body to correct itself will do anything to create the environment. This means the body will look within itself for a solution and actual lack critical minerals from its own sources, including Calcium from the bones. This may explain the rise in Osteoporoses. So when we are told to supplements for Calcium, this Calcium is used as a buffering agent before it has a chance to reach the bones.
At the Homeopathic Plus centre we have easy to use PH strips to test your PH level. We care have a system to balance the PH level. 6.5 to 7.5 is a healthy PH. Come and visit us.

How to solve this problem of acidity?

Balance your diet with alkaline substances, like cucumber, squash, ginger, spinach and dry figs is a good start. The challenge is to eat enough of these foods to offset the acid forming foods, pollution and stress. So supplements are available. However, choosing the right combination of supplement is challenging. As single ingredients substance, can cause biochemical imbalance and exuberate the course of some diseases.

At HPC we have the right combination of supplement to create a balance PH and replace the minerals that are lost during acidic state.

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