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What pharmaceutical drug neutralizes acids and increases pH? NOTHING!!! What pharmaceutical drug addresses nutritional deficiencies, especially alkaline minerals? NOTHING!!! What pharmaceutical drug boosts or enhances the immune system? NOTHING!!! And how could they? They’re poisonous and destructive, not nutritive and constructive. Pharmaceuticals are acid. How can you treat an acid condition with acid? That’s like trying to cure someone who accidentally drank poison with another poison.
The fact is all doctors are drugging the symptoms of acidity (due to toxicities) and drugging the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. Headaches, nausea, fever, skin rashes, brain fog, severe tiredness, gastric bloating, angina pain and dizziness are the body’s intelligent warning signals of a cellular engine problem due to an acidic pH in an organ or system.
Symptom suppression with “anti” medication is analogous to snipping the wire to a blinking oil light on your car’s dashboard and thinking that you fixed your engine instead of lifting up the hood and putting oil in your engine so the light goes off.

Disease and symptoms are separate entities. Medical science teaches they are one and the same and by killing the symptom you somehow kill the disease. This absurd, twisted pseudo science originated and continues from the germ theory that was perpetrated by Louis Pasteur in the 1930’s and has continued to this day in all medical school training with little to no opposition. This brain-dead mentality of looking at symptoms as the disease has been going on since the indoctrination of medicine seven decades ago. In their ignorance, they’re creating their own business by shoving the disease deeper into a chronic state that will eventually require more radical procedures of butchery and mutilation because they never address the acid state of a patient or the direct cause to disease. God did not make us with surplus body parts.

Often times in today’s world of medicine and pharmaceutical monopoly, scientific proof comes under the titles of who wants it most, how much can you pay and how fast do you need it. Being an independent practitioner myself, it’s blatantly clear that scientist’s findings are based upon personal philosophies, or who is signing their paycheck, rather than on truly scientific verifiable fact.

We blindly accept as fact the medical profession’s teaching as to why we get sick. Then we accept their drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as the only means of treating the sickness which makes us sicker and exhausts our savings, slowly killing us. Yet, we never question the validity of their teachings. We violate God’s principles by what we feed our bodies and minds and then when they break down, we violate God’s principles again on how we get well. The physician cuts out the body part or poisons the temple with a prescription drug, chemotherapy or radiation instead of re-establishing health to the patient, which is the only way to reverse disease.

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