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If you feel like living a healthy lifestyle is a far fetched reality then you should think again, as there are indeed ways in which you can embrace a healthy attitude and hence a healthy lifestyle. Most of us get trapped in a battle of the wills to attain what we truly desire, and hence remain dejected and constantly dissatisfied. You should know that when you train your mind to think positive, you can indeed be positive too as well.

We introduce to you the 80-20 Way of Life, hopefully you can make it yours and live a healthy and happy life.

80/20 Rule – Food
When you embrace this way of life with food in mind, you will realize that it will help you stay realistic and keep you motivated as well. This rule suggests that you should make healthy food choices 80% of the time and the remaining 20% you could choose to binge. When the majority of the food choices that you make are healthy, your body will automatically crave healthy food.

80/20 Rule – Exercise
If you already have an exercise regimen, then you could choose to let go of it by 20%. However, your exercise routine should be considerable and should be tailored for a healthy lifestyle.

80/20 Rule – Time
Spend 80% of time working on things that will contribute towards achieving your larger goals. When starting the day, complete the major stuff first, and then focus on your smaller goals.

80/20 – Life
Live your life in a way that you can enjoy the things that matter to you most. Make sure that the majority of the time that you spend, is spent doing the things that you truly enjoy. When you do so, you will be happier and will be calm.

So, get set to make the 80-20 Rule a way of life and you can truly start living like you want to.

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