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They say, there is no cure for the common cold; well there are ways in which you can prevent them though. A cold can indeed drain you, both mentally and physically and can also drain you of tissue paper supply in your home. When you catch cold, the best thing to do is treat the symptoms as early on, to ensure that they do no escalate into anything else.

Since prevention is better than cure, try and follow the tips below to keep cold germs at bay.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi, an eastern exercise can accelerate your body’s defense system by up to 47%, and in fact it is known to provide triple the protection, that one can expect from a flu shot. Controlled breathing and slow movements is what provides Tai Chi with its elixir like quality.

Help Yourself
Washing your hands is the best way of keeping germs away from you. Every time you press an elevator button, start your work out on a treadmill or even touch a door knob germs are going to latch on to you. Just 20 seconds of a scrub with hot water and soap in between your fingers and under your nails can do the trick. Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer in your handbag or at your desk at work at all times as well.

Spend time with Friends
Healthy friendships can help counteract the harmful affects that stress hormones can have on one’s system. It is known that the more friends you have, the healthier you will be. People who are lonely produce fewer antibodies that help fight infection. Be around people; find a hobby that involves spending time with friends.

If someone in your family is suffering from an annoying cold, it is only a matter of time before you contract one as well. Make sure that your toothbrushes are kept far away from those who are suffering from a cold so that not everyone in the family ends up sitting in bed with tissue papers in tow and warm soup in their hands.

Make sure that the toothbrush is dried after use by shaking it; germs tend to thrive on wet surfaces.

Kitchen Etiquette
Be very careful in the kitchen, as it is for your family’s well being. Be sure to change dishtowels daily. Do not use the same towel to wash your hands and wash your hands and dry dishes. Make sure that the sponges you use are cleaned often and changed regularly as well.

There are a host of home remedies as well that you can take on to increase your immunity and strengthen the defenses of your body. Speak with Registered Holistic Nutritionist so that you can make foods that help boost immunity and help prevent colds a part of your daily diet. Homeopathy too has a number of great solutions that can help you gear up your system and make it stronger.




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