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The problem of diabetes is prevalent all over the world, and in most cases people who are victim to it because of bad lifestyle choices. It could become a part of your life because it is hereditary, but there are ways in which it can be avoided as well, and that totally depends on the diet choices that you make.

Below are a few ideas that can help you stay away from the dreaded disease.

Be good to your body!
Type 2 Diabetes is rising, and once it starts creeping in to your body, you will see adverse changes. However, there is good news as well. If you do take precautions and take care of yourself, you will note that this condition can be controlled naturally.

Lose Weight!
Losing weight can reduce the risk of diabetes up to 70%. Follow a diet that helps you lose and maintain weight and little bit of light exercise is not really going to do you any harm.

Include cinnamon in your diet
It is known that including as little as 1 gram of cinnamon in your diet can help one reduce blood sugar by over 10%. The compounds found in cinnamon help activate enzymes that further stimulate insulin receptors.

Make your way to the Gym!
Make time for a little light exercise a few times a week. Do not do it to lose weight, but just to sweat it out a little bit. Exercise helps ones body to utilize insulin efficiently, thus increasing insulin receptors on the cells in the body. Insulin in turn allows blood sugar to enter the cells where it provides the nutrition and energy that the body needs to stay healthy. If it doesn’t make it in to the cells, it would simply gum up the walls of the blood vessels and cause serious health problems.

When you get stressed, it adversely affects your body. Your heart will beat faster, your breath will quicken, and your stomach will tie itself up in a knot. This will also lead your blood sugar levels to go really high. So, take some time out and unwind, teach your mind and body to stay calm.

There you have it, simply take care of your diet and you can work towards keeping yourself diabetes free. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how simple and natural remedies can turn your life around and keep you diabetes free.


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