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Most athletes are aware that consuming protein is important because it helps increase muscle strength, it helps power up the process of muscle repair and recovery and it also helps increase muscle size. However, just proteins are not going to help you get the results that you are pinning on proteins.

Your muscle growth strategy built on protein consumption should consider the below mentioned three factors as well:

Protein Consumption – Amount and Timing
Some people are under the misconception that consuming protein after a work out will build muscle automatically. However, this is not true. The human body is only able to digest twenty to twenty five percent of protein during one sitting. The excess protein is in fact stored as fat and is removed from one’s body through urine. In order to maximize the benefits from protein consumption, you should ideally spread out your protein in take over five to may be six meals through the day.

It is known that when you eat about 20 – 25 grams of whey protein that is fast digesting, about thirty minutes after you have finished your work out, it will help you build muscle. Post that the window closes and the affect starts diminishing. Two hours after your work out, there is hardly any benefit. So, it is important how much you consume and when you consume protein.

Progressive Workout
In order for your workout to be effective, you have to ensure that it meets your goals. If you are aiming to get more powerful and stronger, wish to build more muscle or you wish to improve muscle endurance, it is important that you well understand how it is that your body will respond to important factors of training such as exercise selection, sets, repetitions, intensity, rest and frequency.

Your training plan needs to be progressive, one that will challenge your muscles continuously. Levels of difficulty have to increase and it is important that you vary your exercise patterns so that your muscles adapt.

For each ounce of muscle mass, you need a certain amount of calories, it does not matter what the source is. The amount of protein you consume will not solely affect your muscles, you have to combine it with calories that your body also needs for muscle building.

Your calories should ideally come from a balanced diet of carbs, fat and proteins. If you do leave out any one of those, you will find your self falling short of keeping up to peak performance. The ideal consumption should be, 30% calories from lean protein, 40% from clean carbohydrates, and 30% from fats that are healthy. 40 – 80 grams of carbs should be consumed post your workout to facilitate muscles growth.

Speaking with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist will help you draft a good diet plan that helps with your muscle building goals. Seek a homeopath’s consultancy so that you can adopt more natural methods of strengthening your body and muscles as well.



    1. Sir would you kindly suggest me the name of any muscle building product of Homeopathy. I am fond of bodybuilding. Losing fats regularly by exercising.

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