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Health and fitness enthusiast will tell you that Pilates is a great way to maintain a fit lifestyle. Being thin is not equivalent to being fit, and therefore just hours spend in the gym without focusing on areas that need strengthening is not going to help you achieve your fitness objectives. Pilates is a great way to work on your body and your mind to lead a life that is balanced. Couple it with a great diet and you are on your way to a beautiful and healthy life.

Pilates offers a host of other benefits as well, find a great Pilates class in your neighborhood, learn the tricks and you can continue practicing them to stay fit.

Improve your Posture
Your spine is meant to support the weight of your body and ensure that your body continues working with ease and comfort. However, with the lifestyles we lead, where we spend hours in front of computer screens and in front of the television in slouched positions, the natural “S” shape of the spine tend to get lose which results in round shoulders and nagging back pains. Pilates helps by re-aligning the spine and therefore you are able to maintain better posture.

Sleep Better
Today, more and more people are requesting their doctors to prescribe pills so that they can sleep better. Why not just choose a healthy lifestyle instead that allows you to sleep well, without the support of harmful drugs.
Pilates helps trigger natural sleep responses by stretching your muscles, relieving you of pain and releasing stress.

Increase Strength and Stamina
Pilates works on your core muscles, strengthening your pelvic and abdominal regions, back muscles as well. Pilates does not make you put on excess bulk, it simply tones and stretches muscles, improves your posture and enhances natural strength and stamina.

Prevent osteoporosis
As you age your bones in the spine, wrist and hips are susceptible fractures as they become thin and week. Pilates helps promote balance and good posture and therefore can help one prevent osteoporosis as well.

Relax and beat stress
Pilates is a great way to beat stress and just relax. It is a very gentle form of exercise where you are in tune with your body and mind. When you understand your body better, you will be able to relax, release tension and work on reducing your stress levels to live better.

Every one is signing up for Pilates to change their life and live better. You too should consider making Pilates are part of your fitness regimen to achieve better posture and prevent a host of ailments that today’ modern lifestyle can throw at us. Speak with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods you should pair up with your regular Pilates work out to get maximum benefit from your new lifestyle change. Homeopathy too can help you build stamina and help you strengthen your muscles to help you pucker up and lead a life that is full of health.

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