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What happens when you quit.

In 20 minutes 
Your blood pressure & pulse rate decrease, & the body temperature of your hands & feet increase.

At 8 hours 
The carbon monoxide level in your blood decreases to normal and thus your blood oxygen level increases to normal.

At 24 hours 
Your risk of having a heart attack decreases.

At 48 hours 
Nerve endings start to regrow & the ability to smell & taste is enhanced.

Between 2 weeks & 3 months 
Your circulation improves, walking becomes easier & you don’t cough or wheeze as often.

1 to 9 months 
Fatigue & shortness of breath decrease as you continue to see significant improvement in lung function. Cilia regain normal function.

1 year 
Risk of coronary heart disease & heart attack is reduced to half that of a smoker.

5 years 
Your risk of having a stroke returns to that of a non-smoker.

10 years 
Your risk of lung cancer drops.

15 years 
You risk of coronary heart disease & heart is similar to that of people who have never smoked.

After 15 years of not smoking, you will have also saved about $54,000 

If you have tried to quit smoking before, you know how difficult it can be: you are afraid of gaining weight or “crashing” at work without your nicotine fix.

Smoking is the leading cause of lung disease; cancer, strokes, heart disease and can kill you.  Though well aware of these hazards, smokers are powerless to the desire to light up because smoking is an addiction.

Addiction is an obsessive, compulsive reaction to a stimulus.  Smoking is not just a physical addiction but also a social addiction. One can be physically addicted to nicotine, and one can also be addicted to the image of himself or herself as a smoker. Everyone has an energetic life force that is contained in every cell of our body. This energy determines the color of our eyes, the shape of our bodies, our mental, emotional and physical health; it also determines the way we think and react to life. To truly overcome addiction, this inner obsessive-compulsive energy must be released from the body.

Many quit smoking “cold turkey” or use nicotine replacement products like skin patches and chewing gum to overcome the urge to smoke.  But these methods only attempt to reprogram that energy.  Unless released, the addictive energy remains suspended in the cells in the body and addiction repeats itself in different forms.  That’s why reformed smokers often find themselves overeating and gaining weight after they quit smoking.

Classical Homeopathy is a holistic treatment that releases toxic energies, which disturb thoughts, emotions and body functions.  It uses the energy patterns of animals, plants and minerals to heal similar diseased energy patterns

The unique benefits that homeopathic medicines provide is that they can strengthen a person’s overall constitution so that they are not only less physically addicted to tobacco but that they feel stronger emotionally, thus feel less socially addicted to what smoking represents to them.

For the best and deepest results, it is recommended to see a professional homeopath who will prescribe a “constitutional remedy” for the person. This remedy has the potential to strengthen a person both physically and psychologically.

The best time to stop smoking was after that first cigarette, but the second best time to stop is…right now. Homeopathic medicines provide one more tool to help you do so.

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