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You may think that counting calories and cutting down on your calorie consumption is going to help you lose weight. However, that is not the case. Take a minute to study the biochemistry of our body. The reactions that are taking place so quickly in our body, it does not boil down to just calories we intake versus the calories we are burning! Not all calories are the same.

If you were to look at things from a very basic level, you will notice that how you feed yourself is how you basically care for yourself. Stop judging yourself on how you look, what the numbers are on the scale every morning and how you have missed out on your exercise plan, you will simply not be taking care of yourself.

Store body fat instead of burning it!
The way our ancestor’s bodies communicated with them, is highly different from how our bodies communicate with ours. The Biochemistry is completely different. If there was a scarcity of food, the body would assume that there was a drought, or war, under this condition, the body would automatically start storing fat or fuel that it needed to survive a little longer without that significant calorie reduction. Our body would realize this and would automatically slow down the metabolism so that lesser energy is consumed.

Processed foods are high in calories and extremely low on nutrients and when one starts thinking about food only from a calorie perspective, it does know good. It tends to increase one’s cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone, which results in the body storing more fat.

Sometimes, food is not the challenge!
When you constantly keep judging yourself by your body shape, size, it is not the actual size and shape of your body that matters, it is the assumption that an external source or substance or regimen can make it better.

It is necessary to explore what it is the actual problem before finding ways to mend it.

Strive to be healthy, not thin!
If you wish to lose weight in the right way, you have to first strive to be healthy. If the body is not healthy, all the biochemical processes of the body will suffer. When you develop a lifestyle that is healthy, that is focused on eating more natural and raw foods as apposed to processed and refined foods, the body benefits and you can lose weight more easily.

So, do not think about dieting, especially crash dieting if you wish to lose weight. It has to be a long term process. You lose weight in the right way and then maintain that weight with healthy food eating habits and the right exercise.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can stay healthy and maintain the ideal weight by eating the right natural foods.


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