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Well let start by let you know that Homeopathy doesn’t cure the disease but cures the person. Homeopathy does not target ones illness, organs or body parts or a symptom. Remedies prescribed are based on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the person. Treating diabetes is no different.

Every Diabetic experience is different by each sufferer, with only one common denominator being elevated blood sugar levels. When a homeopathy gives a remedy based on the patient s constitution they come back and report that other symptoms that were not mentioned have improved. One od my diabetes patients is a prime example.

Mrs Sandhu came to my clinic because she was suffering from insomnia and this was also creating a lot of random vocal attacks on the family members. During her first visit I asked her questions that were related to her mental, physical and emotional aspects of her life. I found out more about these vocal attacks and found that all were based on past events and tied to the present. The homeopathic remedy that matched her constitution and symptoms was Ammonium Carbonicum. I gave a 1M dose and told the family to inform me of all changes and not to worry about anything.

Within 1 week Mrs Sandhu was off regular sleeping pills and in the next 2 subsequent follow ups reported more energy. On the 4th visit which was after a 3 month gap, as she had gone to India for vacation, she indicated that she had lost 35lbs and her sugar level were not fluctuating anymore and they remained under 9 units. I immediately checked her files to see any mention of Diabetes, and found none. I asked her why she had not mentioned it and she said because she had it under control.

What is Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus is the most common form of Diabetes and occurs because the pancreases produce insufficient or no insulin at all. The result is too much sugar in the blood and not enough gets into the cell to be burned as energy. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which is needed to turn sugar and other fuels to energy.

2 types of Diabetes Mellitus

Type 1 Diabetes (juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes): In this Diabetes the pancreas cannot produce insulin because the beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed. It occurs mostly in children and young adults and is 10% of the total diabetes cases.
Type 2 Diabetes: Majority of cases fall in this category. Here the body doesn’t produce enough or doesn’t properly utilise its supply. This Diabetes can be managed by diet, exercise and weight loss wee required.
Common Symptoms and there reasons

Fatigue: As the cells don’t get enough energy they cannot work efficiently as insulin is insufficient. This causes fatigue.
Increased Urination: All blood is filtered by the kidney. The kidney filters the excess of glucose and reabsorbs it when needed. However when levels are to high this re-absorption doe not occur and the glucose with water is excreted. This results in more urination.
Increased Thirst: Increased urination causes increased thirst.
Blurred Vision: The extra glucose can get into the lens of the eye. When this happens, water again follows it. Extra water in the lens alters the shape of the lens and hence blurred vision.
Yeast Infection: As we know yeast live well in the environment of the vagina and foreskin of the penis. The more presence of glucose in the vagina due to elevated glucose levels help the yeast organisms live and multiply on this sugar.
Weight Loss: Loss of glucose mean losing calories, thus weight loss. However muscle is lost as well I addition to fat, making one feel weak.
Muscle and nerve problems: Loss of muscle mass lead to loss of electrolytes. Loss of electrolytes results in the muscles being more prone to cramping pain. Increased glucose passes on to the nerve tissues, thus altering the electrolytes in the nerves. These affected nerves can give false message to the brain, and this is perceived as numbness, tingling or even pain.
Brain Function: High glucose in the brain causes mood fluctuations and the inability to concentrate.
No symptoms: It is most common not to have any symptoms at all. Thus people go on life not knowing they have diabetes.
So how can homeopathy help in the treatment of diabetes?
I would like to point out that in no circumstance is one to stop there conventional treatment when starting homeopathic treatment for diabetes. Only after improvement should you wean off with the consultation of your conventional doctor who can do your lab test etc.

Remember as mentioned before we heal the person not the disease and during your constitutional remedy you will find improvements in all aspects of the body. While homeopathic remedies have a lot of healing power, one’s lifestyle ad circumstances can hinder there healing process. Negative situation, unhappy marriage, unfulfilling job or unfavourable living arrangements can keep you in a state of distress, and as a result keep you ill. Thus negative emotions are toxic to your health. We provide life management technique to help our patient decrease the negative emotions in their lives.

One case that comes to mind when I speak of how negative emotions play a role is a 5 year old was brought to my clinic for help with diabetes. After taking the case I found out that her mother had left for the hospital due to family emergency and the other members of the family did not give her the same safety she had with her mother. This triggered her pancreas to malfunctions and thus diabetes type 2.

Upon giving her Sulphur for her constitutional remedy we got immediate improvements in mood, decrease urination, and diminished hunger. However after 1 week the situation started to deteriorate. Upon proper investigate it was found that the environment she was in was not healthy. So we spoke to the parent and collectively decided to send the daughter and mother to their homeland in order to provide the healthy environment. After 2 months, I gave 1 Dose of PSORIUM and since then the Childs sugar level was reported stabilized to a degree.

Thus in conclusion true healing takes place when it considers and treats all of you: mind, body and spirit.

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