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Anxiety can manifest itself in a number of forms. Often you are unable to concentrate at work, you keep pacing up and down the hallway, you cannot stop twiddling your thumbs, you keep looking at your phone, hoping someone would call, you keep clicking the refresh button of your inbox, hoping to hear some news and sometimes you are even unable to sleep.

Anxiety can have some detrimental effects on your health, and if you do not pay attention to the signs of anxiety and continue ignoring them, you could be in deep trouble. There are a host of things that you can do to relieve anxiety. Speaking with a Registered Holistic health practitioner in field of Homeopathy and Nutrition and trying to remain stress free is how you should start.

The main symptoms of anxiety surface in the form of restlessness, irritability, startling quickly, muscle tension, dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia and having trouble focusing on the simplest of things.

Below highlighted are some ways in which you can tackle bouts of anxiety. Read on to learn how you can relieve stress and anxiety to live a healthy life.

For those who experience pangs of anxiety often, have a lot of adrenalin in their body, which needs to burn. Indulge in at least half an hour of cardio vascular exercise to relive the stress that you are bottling up inside.  Join a gym, and run on the treadmill, sprint a few time around the block or take your cycle for a spin, you will be amazed at how good you fee after you have burnt some of the adrenalin in your body.

Go Healthy!
Change the way you eat. Unhealthy food affects your body and also affects your mind. You know you are healthy, when you get a good night’s sleep and you can eat well. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and he will advise you on food that is good for your health, keeping mind your lifestyle and body type. When you start eating healthy, your body will be less prone to anxiety attacks that can indeed drive you and people around you crazy.

Stay Occupied
They say empty vessels make the most noise. When you are not doing anything, your mind may start generating thoughts that will not do you any good. So, try and stay occupied. If you are not working, try and take up a hobby, read, call a friend, go shopping, basically, do things that do not let your mind wander into unwanted territories.

If you wish to calm your mind, meditation will indeed help in bringing inner peace. It helps tremendously in calming stress and getting rid of depression.

For those who are at an advanced stage of anxiety disorder, could benefit from therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy can train one to get rid of anxious thoughts as soon as they start creeping into one’s mind.

While there are a number of antidepressants that your health practitioner can prescribe you, you should know that there are a host of alternative routes of medicine that you could deploy to relieve anxiety. Homeopathy has a number of soothing options that help you keep a calm mind. You should visit a Homeopath center in your neighborhood to learn more about this healing method.



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