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We all know that our bodies need a certain amount of carbohydrates to work well everyday. Unfortunately, the type of carbohydrates we consume are overly refined and lack real nutrients. Consuming refined carbohydrates generally makes you feel tired and lethargic and also spike your blood pressure levels, which ultimately leads to that feeling of a ‘crash.’

To get more nutrients and energy from your carbohydrate intake, try replacing refined flour and wheat-based foods with vegetable sources. Try these 7 delicious options:

Replace flour tortillas with lettuce
Instead of consuming flour laden tortilla wraps, choose to use crisp leafy greens as wraps. You can fill them with your favorite foods and ingredients for a true veggie treat.

Cauliflower Your Pizza Base
Instead of using white flour for your pizza base, experiment with a cauliflower base. You will be sure to love it!

Zucchini Spaghetti
Give the regular pasta a break and experiment with zucchini instead. Zoodles, as health enthusiasts are calling it today, are a must add to your diet. Your family will love it.

Sweet Potato Fries
Super delicious and extremely satisfying, sweet potato fries increase your intake of Vitamin A and fiber as well. Try baking instead of frying!

Portobello Mushroom Buns
Give your regular burger a twist with the use Portobello mushrooms as buns! They taste delicious and offer nutrients that carb-filled flour buns cannot.

Go Quinoa Instead of Rice
Quinoa is a rich source of plant-based protein and is also rich in fibre and essential minerals.

These amazing alternatives to carbs can help you gain sustained energy that you need to last through the day.

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