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You love gardening, however, you only love the idea of gardening and every time it’s time to trim the hedges, you have to be dragged and forced to do it, but in the end you do enjoy it. The reason probably is that you are not so organized in the aspect and if you were just to take some effort to understand how you can make your gardening experience pleasurable and stress free, you would indeed love it.

There are a number of things that you have to take care of and if you have a big back yard, or a large lawn in the front of your home, you should be prepared to spend one good day in the sun. Planting, weeding, watering, are just some few steps that are involved, and this will require you to spend the most part of your day leaning, squatting, sitting on your knees, standing, it is basically going to tire you out. The next morning is going to be worse, as you are going to feel sore and your muscles are going to hurt.

But, does this mean that you should give up on seeing that beautiful flower come to life, or does this mean that you should start relying on tomatoes from the supermarket.

No, it just means that you have to arrange your garden to suit you and not the other way around. Below is a set of simple guidelines that you can use to make your gardening experience totally stress-free.

Follow Rules
While we are bound to follow rules, they only come in to play, when we become so desperate for a way out from that stressful pain in the back or in the legs.

Set Realistic Goals
Come Friday evening and you start thinking about what you are going to do for the rest of the weekend, you check out the supplies you have for gardening, and you are enthused about the progress you are going to make until sundown on Sunday evening. However, you are depressed when you cannot go further than Saturday noon. So, don’t set goals that you may not be able to achieve. Start slow, and keep track of your progress, don’t stress yourself too much.

Take it Slow
We tend to work longer and with strength when we pace ourselves out.

Gardening should be a stress free process, you do not want to tire yourself out and therefore, you have to work in a manner that allows you to take breaks as and when you may like. These power breaks of five minutes as a time will allow you to come back refreshed. Have some lemonade waiting for you in the refrigerator.

Avoid Bending and Reaching
When you try and reach for something while you are in a bent position, you are likely to fall and even encounter injury. When you bend, try and do this with your knees as apposed to your back.

Sore Areas
Your knees, back, hands and neck are the areas that are most likely to get sore and therefore, as less strain as possible must be exerted on these areas.

The tips below will help you achieve a pleasurable gardening experience

Raise the Garden
In raised beds are a recommendation that come from top landscape planners. Gardens up to 4 – 8 inches higher than the ground is a good idea for less strain.

Plant in Pots
Flowers, vegetables, and even some fruits too can be grown easily in containers, this makes it easier for you to reach. 

Protect Your Knees
where kneecaps when you are required to kneel while weeding, planting, of cultivating in spots that are hard to reach.

Long-handled tools
When you have long hand tools, undertaking tasks like watering, cultivating and weeding can become much easier and stress free.

These are just a few tips that can help you achieve some stress free gardening times in your garden. You should also work on remaining as healthy as you can so that you do not suffer from aches and pains often. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can indeed help yourself to stay fit by following a healthy diet. A homeopath will be able to give you some great ideas to preserve a healthy body and mind to enjoy your gardening.

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