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My Sciatica is cured. Thanks to Dr Hermeet Singh Suri’s treatment. It was terrible pain and used to travel from right hip to the lower part of the leg. At times it was so severe that I was hardly able to move out of bed. I used to feel weakness in my body in general and particularly in the right leg affected by sciatica. Plus I had lost my Dear Wife a couple of years back and was experience ailments because of that too. Dr Suri suggest we work with the pain and mind issues together. After 1 month of receiving treatment and my constitutional remedy I felt 50% better with pain and 75% better within the mind. After the 2nd month the pain was 80% better and the mind was 100% better. I felt happy and wonderful. By the grace of God I got rid of this extreme pain in six months treatment by Dr. Hermeet and now feel quite normal. I would say it is a miracle.

Further I used to have bad dreams as well for which he gave me medicine and now it’s ok.

Syed Hussain

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