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More often than not, the lives we lead surround others. They surround our family, our professional life and rarely do we get the time to take care of ourselves. We are just so busy trying to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves every single day, that in the midst of every thing we forget to stop, think and pay attention to our health unless something drastic takes place.

There are a few signs that should not be ignored, and if any of the following signs happened to come across your way make sure that you do not let it go unattended and find out more.

Severe Headache
You may wake up in the morning one fine day or it could strike any time during the day as well – a severe headache may take over. You may wonder what it is, since you weren’t drinking the night earlier and there are no other symptoms of a migraine present as well.

A sudden and sharp pain in the head could be the signal of a brain aneurysm. Arterial bulges are known to appear in 5% people, in most cases one is not even aware of its presence unless they were to tear or leak. If they were to tear or leak, the blood could flow in to the surrounding tissues and this would cause the worst headache of your life and would cut off the oxygen process to that part of your brain. It could be hereditary and smoking too could increase the chances of having a brain aneurysm.

A burst brain aneurysm can cause brain damage and therefore instant medical attention needs to be found. You will be sent in for a CT Scan to find the bleeding in spaces around the brain, and in case there is a sign of hemorrhaging, you would have to be taken into the OR for surgery in order to fix the blood vessel immediately.

Throbbing Tooth
You may have noticed this happen may times but you would have not really paid attention to it, but if the problem is troubling you, you have to get it checked. Every time you eat something really cold or frozen there is a sharp pain or dull throb in your teeth. This could be happening because the nerves of your tooth are damaged. This happens because the surrounding teeth are either cracked or are rotting and need attention. It is important that this is taken care of as the bacteria in your mouth can work up their way to infect the nerves.

Get your cavities checked! If you are lucky, all you may need is a filling to cover the nerve that is exposed. However, if it is in fact infected, it may be time for a root canal.

There is a Sharp pain in your side
If the pain in your side seems to be intensifying over a few days, and you feel that you are being bent towards that side and that you are even developing a fever, it may be appendicitis. This usually happens when may be a stray piece of feces has migrated into the area where the appendix meets the colon and blocks it. This organ due to this blockage gets inflamed dangerously.

The other reason you could get this pain could also be because of an ovarian cyst. These sacs are fluid filled and disappear on their own without doing any harm in most cases. However, if one of them were to rupture of twist they could cause terrible pain.

The solution in both cases is surgery, an inflamed appendix has to be removed as it could cause swelling of tissues that surround the other organs. A twisted cyst would also have to be removed immediately as it could lead to blocking blood flow to one’s ovary almost immediately in a matter of a few hours.

Chest Pain
You may experience a burning sensation in your chest, sort of like a heart burn, or you may experience a tight squeezing sensation as well, if you have even the slightest inkling that it could be a heart problem, do not let it slide. It could lead to a heart attack, if not dealt with in time. Keep an eye out for other symptoms as well like fatigue and shortness of breath and seek medical help immediately.

When you do experience these symptoms, call your doctor, you will be ordered in for an EKG or ECG to determine damage to the heart.

Gas, bloating or abdominal discomfort
We tend to feel a little bloated and gassy around the time of our periods, however, if this feeling lasts longer than it usually should, it could be the signs of ovarian cancer. The first few symptoms of this condition include bloating, trouble eating and abdominal or pelvic pain. If these symptoms appear daily for a period of about two weeks, it is time that you need to raise a red flag.

Ovarian cancer may not be as common as lung or breast cancer, but the chances of you contracting it is high if there is a history of ovarian and breast cancer in your family.

Meet with your gynecologist if you think that a problem may exist.

These however, are just a few signs, and there are in fact so many other signs that you should watch out for. For instance if you have a back pain that is accompanied with tingling toes and nothing seems to help, it may indicate a more serious back condition that needs attention. If you have leg pain that is accompanied by swelling and the portion is warm to the touch it could be DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis caused by sitting in one position for too long. People who smoke may have higher chances of developing such clots.

Keep an eye out for these signs and speak to a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can eat and stay healthy to avoid these signs and symptoms altogether. You could also meet with a Homeopath to learn what natural supplements you could consume to lead a healthier and signal free life.




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