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Here are some self-help tips for soothing your psoriasis:

♦ Visit a trained homeopathic professional and stick with the treatment for at least a year before evaluating results. Although you may get lucky and find relief with homeopathic self-care, chronic skin conditions are often very ­difficult to treat, so professional homeopathic treatment is your best bet.

♦ Eat fatty fish and/or supplement with fish oil for natural anti-inflammatory effects.

♦ Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially orange and yellow ­vegetables rich in Vitamin A/carotenoids (research has found that people with a diet high in carrots, tomatoes, and fresh fruit have less psoriasis).

♦ Expose psoriasis outbreaks to the sun for short periods (e.g., 15 minutes)
3 or more days a week, but avoid sunburn!

♦ Consider supplementing with borage oil or evening primrose oil; their gamma-linolenic acid content works to keep skin healthy.

♦ Consider taking herbal milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum) which ­supports the liver and may help slow skin cell proliferation.

♦ De-stress daily! Stress has been found to trigger psoriasis, so develop a ­regular relaxation practice (e.g., exercise, deep-breathing, yoga, self-hypnosis, qigong.)

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