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For those who play sports and their livelihoods depend on it, know that health is and always will be top priority. Athletes cannot afford to poison their body with junk food and give in to temptation as and when they please as the food they eat does not only affect their waist lines but also has a tremendous affect on attributes like stamina and endurance.

A good diet makes a good athlete because it helps in keeping one’s energy levels high, maintaining weight, boosting metabolism when required and builds stamina and endurance which are much needed attributes for any athlete.

The foods highlighted below are easy snacks that can help athletes keep going strong without feeling guilty about binging and harming their health.

1) Almonds: Almonds are extremely high in Vitamin E, which is a great source of antioxidants that helps the respiratory and cardiovascular system in one’s body. Almonds are also a great source of heart healthy fats and proteins.

2) Greek Yogurt with Fresh Fruits: The reason why Greek Yogurt should be a preferred choice as compared to other yogurt is because it has higher protein content. When paired with fresh fruits it can provide the body the replenishment it needs after a tiresome work out.

3) Peanut Butter Sandwich: After a tiring work out session, what athletes need is a good meal. An organic peanut butter sandwich provides heart healthy fats, protein and carbs that can indeed help one’s body find balance.

4) Milk: Chocolate milk is becoming a popular choice amongst athletes as the go to drink after a tiring workout. It contains the much needed carbohydrate and proteins that your body craves after a workout.
5) Cheese and Fruit: Pack some cheese and fresh fruits in a lunch box for after your workout. Natural sugars, fresh fibrous fruits and calcium will indeed do your body good and will satiate your hunger.

Athletes who eat well and follow a disciplined diet can go miles without feeling tired. Food is a very important part of an athlete’s performance. If you wish to increase your stamina levels or build endurance a Registered Holistic Nutritionist could guide you and help you build a diet plan that you will benefit from. Homeopathy too has many great solution for stamina building, visiting a Homeopathic Centre could indeed improve your game.



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