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Homeopathy is a secret kept by conventional doctors in treating sport injuries safely, quickly and fully.

Ruta graveoleus has amazing effects on tendons and cartilages. Athletes have reported that it brings them back to active exercise and performance quickly and effectively. It aids in the recovery of any injury – whether from trauma or overuse – that involves connective tissue, such as tendons, cartilages, and periosteum. It acts well on the main joints – ankles, wrists, shoulders, and hips.

Rhus toxicodendron has an affinity for healing ligaments. If a person is suffering from pain on 1st movement but continued movement makes them feel better than Rhus tox is the remedy.

Arnica address initial trauma including swelling and bleeding into the tissues that occurs with any such injury and with the surgery.

Symphytum: It is used for its ability to help fuse the partial torn tendon ends back together. It can also help torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are slow in healing – It simply promotes fusion. It also useful for torn Achilles tendons, as well as for meniscus damage and collateral ligament tears in the knee.

In conclusion Homeopathy is GOLD for an Athlete.

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