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As an athlete you want to ensure that your health is in top condition and the food that you eat helps towards increasing sports performance. Staying hydrates too is also extremely important and if you do not pay attention to how much liquid you consume, you can seriously negatively impact your overall sports performance.

So, how do you work towards staying hydrated, well, you drink water, and if water bores you time and again, you should try the below mentioned drinks that can indeed help you stay at the top of your game.

Coconut Water
Don’t fall for false claims of sports drinks that you find of supermarket shelves. Coconut water is a great natural source for electrolytes and indeed helps hydrate your body after you have just participated in a strenuous work out. Coconut water will not affect your blood sugar levels, as the glycemic index is low.

Caffeine can help enhance sports performance. Black coffee and not other caffeine drinks are a good idea. They help increase endurance and reaction time.

Green Tea
Green Tea is a great way to enhance sports performance as well. It has a lot of antioxidants and in fact can also help you lose weight.

So, make sure that you include these drinks as a part of your sports enhancement diet so get that extra boost that you need to keep on playing.

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