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All of us want to keep our homes looking lovely, however sometimes we don’t realize that the very chemicals that we use to keep things around us spic and span, so that our children can enjoy a clean and safe environment are actually doing us much harm. If you look in your own back yard, and study the chemicals that you use, you will note that these are harmful. You may not see effects right away, but they will affect your health in one form or another in the long run.

Only 7% of the 80,000 chemicals that are commonly used around the house are tested for safety. These are commonly used in cleaning agents, for maintaining gardens and yards, and most of us are oblivious to the fact that they may be causing us substantial harm. Simply knowing where they could be hiding can help you choose the right products so that you can indulge in your hobbies and keep your home beautiful in a safe way.

Your driveway is the first that that people see when they cross your home or the first things guests notice when you invite them over. You want to keep it well manicured and shiny, but are you aware of the harm that the stick black coal tar sealants can do to your body. PAH or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogenic chemicals that are present in the coal sealants used to maintain a shiny driveway.  The concentration of PAH is thousand times higher in this sealant as compared to even exhaust smoke.

People who live in homes close to driveways that are tar sealed regularly are at a higher risk of contracting cancer.

There are solutions, and the best is to avoid tar sealed driveways and choose to go in for an asphalt-based sealant instead. If your driveway has already been sealed using coal tar sealants, try and stay off it for at least two weeks. Make sure that you remove your shoes every time you walk into your home and indulge in regular vacuuming.

A number of pesticides that we use to keep our lawn and back yards free of any pests and weeds are often known to carry toxic chemicals that can cause liver and kidney failure, cause hormonal changes and also cause cancer. Mental hazards too have been identified as a problem given exposure to these pesticides.  People who work closely with these pesticides have a higher risk of suffering from depression.
The best solution to this problem is to use only all natural herbicides. There are a number of other alternatives that you can adopt to keep weeds at bay and also change your watering schedules to allow your roots to develop a stronger hold.

Mosquitos around your house can be dangerous and to ensure that they do not enter your home and also affect your beautiful garden, you are going to use repellants that keep them away, right? Community sprays that are regularly dispensed are meant to kept bug borne illnesses at bay, however, how safe are they themselves? Hormonal changes, cancer and many other ailments can be caused if a high dosage is released.

It is important that you make efforts yourself and maybe check with your local health department to keep a check on the spraying policies. Sprays are usually done after dusk when mosquitos are gallivanting into the night. It is important that you and your family are indoors during this time. Make sure that all the doors and windows are closed and that the Window AC units are also off.

Do not hesitate to look at labels before you buy chemicals to treat problems around your house. Do your research and learn which chemicals can do what harm. If you notice certain infections, be sure to speak with a health practitioner immediately so that you can treat them before escalate to greater heights, causing you much harm.

Even the food you eat, could contain residues of harmful chemicals used during the process of farming, try and eat only organic produce. Speak with a holistic nutritionist and learn which foods contain the least amount of chemical residue to enjoy a long and healthy life.





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