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You walked down the aisle, you looked him straight in the eye, and you loved it when he said I do back to you in front of those you love and cherish. But, it’s not just a wedding that makes a marriage. Both parties involved have to work towards sustaining a marriage if the want to make it in the long run. So, how do you salvage a marriage that seem so be slipping through your fingers?

There are ways to do so, and the faster you know how to deal with problems, the faster you can achieve smooth sailing and some joy in your relationship. The happiest couples have secrets that you could indeed benefit from, so take a look a some tips that can help you brave the sternest storm and come out victorious as a couple.

Date Night
It may sound like just another excuse to get out and spend some money, but you will be amazed, what setting out a night, just for the two can do for your relationship. Date night could include, just the two of you hanging out at your favorite movie hall, or it could include a walk in the neighborhood park, eating at your favorite restaurant, or even staying in and watching your favorite movie. Make sure that you make each other feel special, you have to try.

Remember Inside Jokes
Every couple has inside jokes. Share what you think is funny with your partner. Always build on communicating with them. Let them know what you are thinking and make it a point to know what they are thinking as well.

Sharing a few smiles across the room, or at dinner with friends, can indeed make a relationship deeper.

Know About Their Day!
A very simple question like – How was your day, can make them feel more connected to you. When you ask someone how their day was, they know that you care for them. This could be a nightly ritual and it will make your relationship as strong as steel.

Yes, may be he said something that offended you deeply, but that does not mean that he does not care for you. One of you have to stay calm during a fight. Do not rush to a marriage counselor gingerly, but take some time out to learn what the issue was and how you can solve it by talking to each other.

Fight Right
Don’t get personal, argue and fight only about issues that are pertinent to the situation. Digging old graves is only going to make the situation worse. Try and focus on the problem and the reason you are fighting, and resolve it without getting at each other’s throats and playing the blame game.

Couple’s workout
Schedule a couple of hours every morning to get some exercise with your spouse. It could be a joint work out session or it could be a few rounds around the block. Whatever it is, sweat together and spend time together getting fit.

Be There for Each Other
When you ask them about their day, and they have achieved something wonderful, it should be time for a celebration. It could be a small achievement, but it should be celebrated. Cut a pastry, make their favorite meal and simply be there for them.

These tips can indeed help you get closer as a couple. Try and speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how food can play an important role in keeping your relationship strong too. Use Holistic treatment by visiting a homeopathic Clinic and find help with some great herbal remedies to live a happy life as well.

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