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You are taking a leisurely evening stroll in the park, and all of a sudden a gang of hyperactive kids run past you, almost leaving you dizzy. You look at them, and then try to catch up with them, only to reprimand them for their behavior, but alas, you start panting heavily. You wonder to yourself as you look at the little kids fading in the distance…where did all your stamina go?

Kids seem to have all the stamina in the world, well they have age by their side and their organs have not been corroded to the extent as that of those who have made some really bad lifestyle choices. Age plays its part in killing stamina, but moreover it is unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that work up towards killing the little stamina that one can enjoy as they grow older.

Majority of us, do not have plans to climb the Mount Everest or even run a half Marathon, we’re asking for a certain level of stamina that allows us to do a few things that we may truly enjoy. For instance, a trek with friends once in a while, not huffing and puffing when you reach the eighth floor of your apartment building by stairs and not reaching out for your inhaler after an hour on the dance floor

There are a few ways in which you can regain that lost stamina, below mentioned are a few ideas that you can adopt to make things work.

1. Make up your mind, your body will follow:

This tip is not one that is going to help you physically, but one that will probe your mind. The first step is making up your mind that you want to do about your stamina levels. If your mind is made up, you can indeed conquer anything, let’s just start with building a little stamina for now though. There are three types of people, those that set targets ambitiously, but do nothing, then there are those who set targets, work towards achieving their goals, but expect results too soon, and often give up, and then there are those, and this is the category you have to aim to be in, they are the ones who set realistic targets, and work slowly but steadily towards achieving their goals.

Set a target for yourself, and monitor your performance, studies say, that it takes at least 16 times of doing something to get used to it and to make it a part of your lifestyle.

2. One step at a time:

Walking is the best way to build stamina. This is just the start though. Walking is said to be one of the best exercises in the world and if you start slowly and do it continuously, you will feel a difference in your stamina levels soon. You could choose to walk on a treadmill, and alternate between the street by your house and the four walls of your room, because a change in scenery is always a great motivation.

To build stamina, try and find a stretch that allows you to walk in one direction for at least 15 minutes. Identify a marker, walk towards the marker at a brisk pace, and come back slowly. When you start do not get demotivated when you cannot complete 15 minutes of brisk walking, just turn around and take on a pace that suits you when you feel fatigued.

3. Cycle towards stamina:

Cycling is not only an exercise that offers a great cardio workout but is also very enjoyable. For those who are afraid of exercise, this is indeed one of the best ways to build stamina by giving your body a cardio workout. To build your stamina, you could make cycling a part of your lifestyle. Here’s how: Cycle to work, cycle to the supermarket, meet your friends at the movie theatre and get there in a cycle. However make sure that you are not coasting all the time, and get some dedicated stamina building exercise as well. 

4. Get into action:

There are a host of motion exercises that can help you build stamina as well. While some are action packed, others are mode sedated. The key is that your body needs steady movement, and the movement does not necessarily need to be controlled. Tai Chi, Yoga and Jogging all help towards building stamina.

5. Eat to build:
It is a well known fact that the food you eat will affect your body directly. So, if you are already facing a low when it comes to stamina, you have to focus on what you eat. Instead of telling you what to eat, let us tell you what you should definitely avoid from your diet, if not to build but to at least not drag you down further.

A balanced diet is a must for a healthy body, and as you age if you do not balance your meals well, you will feel sapped out of energy. How often do you feel like hitting the sack when you have eaten certain heavy meals, the answer is definitely more often than not?

White Bread, Potatoes, pasta and rice suck out energy out of your system. Too much sugar too is not a good idea. Proteins from lean meats, lots of green vegetables and fruits are the best way to balance your meals and stay up and above. Though too many fruits in the afternoon may work adversely as they still have sugar, fructose in them.

When looking to build your stamina, and if you are really serious about it, you have to bring on a change in all aspects of your life, physically and mentally. A holistic nutritionist will be able to guide you in terms of the diet you should take on to allow your body to stay in shape so that you can work towards the stamina you need to lead a full and enriched life.

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