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Roger Daltrey, 65, of the band The Who, spoke at an event staged by Prince Charles’ Foundation for Integrated Health. “… Daltrey told delegates about how he was left in despair in 1981 when his then eight-month-old son Jamie came down with an intestinal complaint that left doctors baffled.

“The singer, who is taking a break from recording and touring, said afterwards: ‘We were panicking, basically. We were looking at our baby and in our eyes he was dying.

“‘I was aware of homeopaths, but I thought, where do I find one and had to look in Yellow Pages. He prescribed some powders and within two days my son was keeping food down and within two weeks he was starting to put on weight and come back to life. He had an inflamed gut and bowel but the doctors had been sticking cameras down his gullet and taken a biopsy but had got nowhere. Homeopathy is just another tool of medicine.’”

—The Express (UK), May 14, 2009, “Charles and a Cure for My Sick Son by Daltrey,”
by Richard Palme

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