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They say life does not imitate art but it imitates bad television. If you were to look around you, you would definitely see that fragments of what you see on television, the violence and the corruption are all around you. The times we live in have indeed changed. Just twenty years ago, while our parents taught us not to talk t strangers and to be carful, today the same concept has taken on a whole new meaning.

With the online medium penetrating into everyone’s life, even through the mobile phone today, teaching our kids how to stay safe has become extremely important. Safety measures have to be brought to the attention of little one’s, they need to be taught how to protect themselves against violence, abduction, abuse and most of all stranger danger.

Below is a list of measures that you could teach your kids to avoid stranger danger and keep the safe.

1)   Be positive when it comes to teaching your children, be careful and use the right words, do not get them paranoid about ‘stranger danger’ instead use the words stranger safety.

2)   Help your kids understand that bad guys in real life do not have scars on their face and do not look as menacing as they do on television shows. A dangerous person could look like an ordinary person, who someone could trust very easily.

3)   If your kids are coming back home to an empty house, teach them to lock all the doors and windows and secure themselves inside.

4)   Advise them about how it is not safe to open the door to a stranger.

5)   Teach them the importance of the number 9-1-1 and teach them how they can use it and how it can also help save a life.

6)   When your child is alone at home, teach him how to answer the phone. The appropriate answer would be ‘My parents are not able to come to the phone right now’ as apposed to ‘My parents are not at home right now’. Make sure that your child takes down the name and number of the person who has called.

7)   Have a code word with close friends and family, in case they were to pick your child up during an emergency situation. Teach your child the code word and ask him to ask the friend or family member for the code word in case an emergent situation was to arise.

8)   Teach your kids that getting in to arguments with strangers is not a good idea. Children should stall them, tell them that would have to ask their parents about doing what they have asked and then they should quickly get away.

9)   Teach your kids the importance of never getting into a car with a stranger. When a stranger gives them candy, or shows them a puppy or tries to leer them in with anything else, ask them to keep walking until they find an adult.

10)  Tell your children to keep an eye out for license number plates. If they are being harassed, they should take down the number and you should file a complaint with the police.

11)  Ask your kids to try and not walk alone and always stay in groups.

12)  Teach your kids that whenever they are uncomfortable being around someone, all they have to do is say No and reach for an adult they can trust.

13) Ask them not to trust strangers who ask them to keep secrets or asks for help.

14)  In today’s digital age it is important to install parental controls on your computer so that they stay safe.

15)  Tell your kids about the dangers of becoming friends with strange people online.

Your kids are your priority and therefore spending time teaching them about these safety measure is very important. You have to ensure that their body too is healthy enough to run far when faced with situations that they need to escape and therefore you need to pay attention to their diet. Meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what to include in your child’s diet to keep him strong and healthy. Homeopathy too could help your child achieve agility of the mind and body.


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