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Today, health enthusiasts around the world are making their way through supermarkets looking for super foods. They are spending hours online to learn about the latest revolutions in the world of food, so that they can incorporate healthy superfoods into their diet. Are you one of those who are obsessed with super foods? The pointers below will let you know if your life is indeed being driven my the very nutritional and life changing super foods.

Berries – Which berries?

You are browsing through a few recipes and they ask you to add some berries, you are confused and wonder which ones will offer the best boost of health – Acai? Goldenerry? Mulberry? or Maqui? Without even giving a second thought to the amazing blueberries and raspberries.

You are proud of your health habits and often post pictures of your favorite green juices early in the morning.

You Like Algae
Over time you have developed a liking for the algae flavor that is present in chlorella and spirulina.

You spend lots of money on chocolate bars that promise low glycemic content, are infused with superfoods and raw cacao.

Well, these are the top signs of a super foodie, and if you are one, you should be proud. While it is important to take care of your health, it is important to ensure that the super foods you are indulging in are giving you all the nutrients that your body needs.

Get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and learn how a great diet can help you accentuate your love for super foods. You could also speak with a homeopath to learn how a few great herbal remedies can indeed turn your life around for better.

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