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Garlic, also known as the miracle herb, has been used for years now to prevent a variety of diseases in mankind. Garlic indeed has a number of health benefits even today, and you should include it in your diet. To learn more read on to know, how can you truly benefit from making garlic a part of your daily diet.

Antiviral and Antibacterial
Garlic is known world over for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. They play a very important role in controlling viral, bacterial, yeast, worm and even fungal infections. Fresh garlic helps kill bacteria like E. coli, enteritidis and Salmonella to prevent food poisoning.

Skin Infections
Fungal skin infection like Athlete’s foot and ringworm can be treated using garlic as it contains a chemical called ajoene.

Blood Thinning
Ajoene found in garlic is also known for its anti-clotting properties, and it therefore helps prevents blood clots from forming in the body.

Lower Blood Pressure
Angiotensin II, is a protein that makes blood vessels in our body to contract, which in turn increases blood pressure levels. Allicin that is found in garlic, blocks this activity and helps in reducing blood pressure levels.

Heart Protection
Garlic has properties that can protect one against cardiovascular problems such as atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

Reduce Cholesterol
Garlic is known to have properties that help lower the level of blood triglycerides in our body and this helps cut cholesterol and reduce the formation of arterial plaque formation as well.

Combat Allergies
Garlic has a host of anti-inflammatory properties that help the body fight against allergies. Raw garlic juice can help reduce and stop itching caused due to rashes or bug bites.

Remedy For Respiratory Problems
It is known that the daily consumption of garlic can help reduce colds. Antibacterial properties help in treating throat irritations, and reduces the severity of infection caused in the respiratory tract.

Garlic helps regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics by increasing the levels of insulin released.

Garlic can be consumed raw, can be taken as juice and can also be added to a number of foods. What way do you prefer? Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Homeopath to learn how you can include this miracle herb in to your diet and live healthy, naturally.

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