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With every passing year, statistics are showing that women today have become extremely dependent of the morning after pill. Yes, it is great that people are aware of the presence of emergency contraception, but simply relying on it and ignoring other reliable methods is not the best way forward.

There are a few things that every woman out there must know about the morning after pill.

What are Your Options?
Women need to know that there is more than just one option out there. Most pills that are available are progestin only pills and these are effective only up to 72 hours after the deed is done. These mostly work by delaying the ovulation process and therefore are successful in avoiding pregnancy. There are other pills that are effective for up to five days; however, these may be only available on prescription.

It may not be a pill at all
Most women will be surprised to learn that a copper IUD can be used for up to five days after having unprotected sex as emergency contraception. This is also the most effective form of contraception. This process however, will require one to visit the doctor, go through some amount of pain during insertion and also pay a hefty cost. These are also reasons why most women wouldn’t want to consider this option, but if you have been contemplating this method, you should indeed find out more.

72 hours is Not a Lot of Time!
You may be under the misconception that you have a lot of time, a 72 hours does sound like plenty time – however, it does not mean that you should simply wait till the last minute to get down to the drugstore. It must be done immediately. And, if you know for a fact that you are going to miss the mark, you should call your doctor and request a prescription for the up to five day pill.

What if your pharmacist says NO
In a few places, the law does not allow pharmacies to dispense emergency contraception pills. In such case, you should always call ahead, and have a couple of back ups in mind. Alternatively, you could always call the Planned Parenthood Cell to help you.

Change in menstruation
Don’t be alarmed if you notice a slight change in your period. It may be heavier, or be delayed or come earlier, this is in response to the medication that you have taken and stress could also cause the change. However, it is important that you take a pregnancy test at home, if your period is considerably delayed.

Do not forget about Plan A

The regular methods of birth control should not be put on the backburner and they should be followed always. Plan B that is the morning after pill should only be used as emergency contraception.

Consult your doctor, and always be prepared for a situation by knowing what you need to do, to avoid and unpleasant outcome. However, do not get dependent on these emergency contraceptives, as using them continuously can harm your health.

Stay healthy by eating the right foods; you should speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for the same. You could also consult a homeopath to learn what foods can help keep your body and mind healthy after you have consumed medication.

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