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Nothing else seems so true, that this amazing statement – The world is your playground. While the statement is meant to be perceived metaphorically, for even adults, it holds in it a very basic thought, that makes the basis for good health. Yes, we are talking about physical activity and making it a habit, and a part of your kids lifestyle, so that he grows to be happy, healthy and active.

Remember, as a parent who truly cares for their child, you have to bring it upon yourself to build this value in to your beautiful child. Let’s face it, the world around us has changed, there are a million things wrong with it, as it is simply not conducive for active development of kids. With the growth of people using mobile phone, tablets, laptops – video games have to the fore front, and kids today, wait to come back home from school so that they can put themselves in front of the computer or TV and keep playing.

Physical activity has lost priority, and it is your job to make sure that kids get as much physical activity as they can get. Kids who do not exercise are simply making their way to obesity, which can not only bring with it social awkwardness but also a number of other health problems.

Kids pick up what they see, if you lead a relatively active life, your kids will pick that up to. So, make sure that these are included right from the very beginning. Sign your kid up for a number of organized games, take him swimming, shoot a few hoops in the back yard, go on a trek, go cycling with the family and even do the chores around the house.

Learn more about how you can imbibe a healthy lifestyle in to your child by meeting with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and finding out more about the perfect diet. You should also speak with a homeopath so that you can understand what natural remedies can help your child find unbridled enthusiasm and energy to make the world his playground.


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