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The Birmingham (England) Alliance of Homeopaths (BAH) will begin a six-month pilot project in January 2009, offering homeopathic care to “people in the support services suffering from emotional trauma.” Doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, and military personnel are among those BAH intends to serve. A founding member of BAH, Anne Gorham, learned that Britain’s Ministry of Defense is studying soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and fears up to 20,000 British troops may be affected by brain injuries and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Basing her comments on BAH’s two years’ experience providing care for people at risk of homelessness, Gorham said, “Counselling can be very useful but perhaps homoeopathy can be more effective in releasing the trauma. Sometimes people can’t find the reasons why they are feeling something, but the remedy gets to where the trauma is lodged in the body whether they know the reason or not.” Britain’s Army Families Federation is supporting and advertising the pilot project.

—reported in Birmingham Post (UK), August 8, 2008

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