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The science of homeopathy is an ancient law which was in operation thousands of years ago and which became lost in antiquity – but the principle was still there waiting to be rediscovered.

The discovery came through the dissatisfaction and frustration of a doctor who could not just be a sheep and follow the rules of the medical field of his day, when he could see that there was something that was not ringing true. This man was Samuel Hahnemann. He was born in Germany in 1755 and obtained his M.D. degree in 1779.

Hahnemann’s principle was a triangle of the Spirit – the true man – the Material Body, and the Life force – which is the dynamism through and from which man secures his health and his life. The vital force is the connecting link between the body and the spirit. It is through this force that the spirit is housed in the body for a while. When this force is lowered, disease and illness show up.

It is not a gross agent that is causing the disease; it is a force unseen of anger, hatred, jealousy, desires, suppression, passion, and unhappiness – all morbid manifestations of another plane. The mind, this unseen vibration, is the cause. Therefore the cure must be on the same level (vibration).

Practitioners like Hermeet Singh Suri, owner of the Homeopathic Plus Centre and his father Surindar Singh Suri, use the holistic system to treat patients looking for a safe, reliable alternate system of medicine, with ailments that have been unsuccessfully treated by traditional medicine. Hermeet Singh Suri’s and Surindar Singh Suri’s high and only mission is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, to cure as it is termed.

According to Suri, practitioners look at the patient as a whole, taking into consideration the physical, mental and emotional plains of the individual and treat the person completely.

Concerned with the overall well being of the person, homeopathy is not a “bandage” treatment, but rather a system that tries to get to “the root cause of the problem,” Suri says, which means a thorough consultation can take hours, followed by hours of research by the practitioner.

The consultation is the most expensive aspect of homeopathic treatment, but Suri says “the medicine is very affordable,” and he is confident homeopathic treatments can cure patients that have been failed by the traditional medical system.

The medicines themselves come from different sources: plants, animals, minerals, even tissues etc. This is because Homeopathy treatments are based on the principle that”like cures like”. The remedies come in either liquid or pellet form. The pellets, which are basically like sugar pills, are normally lactose-based, but can also be changed to a sucrose base.

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